Ultimate Beatles Sgt. Pepper show!
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2014 was kind to Ultimate Beatles*. We brought our “Ultimate Beatles Tribute Show” to theatres in Borehamwood, Swanage, Colchester, and Banbury, enhancing the show with videos put together by our own John Lennon, Grant Van Funkle.

Since 2001 we have played countless clubs, venues, private parties and festivals but as a Beatles tribute band playing at this type of gig, the onus has always been on getting everyone up and dancing. This means we have to keep to the well known up tempo numbers in general which (to be fair) is a lot of fun for us.

But what about the hardcore Beatles fans I hear you ask?  What about the deep cuts and lesser known album tracks?  For a Beatles tribute band with such a huge repertoire of songs, we don’t often get to perform such beloved slower tempo album songs such as “I Am The Walrus” and “A Day In The Life”…  Until now that is.

People who come to see a Beatles Tribute band perform in a theatre will be “proper” fans and they are also seated. They have the option of getting up and dancing but they are always entertained by a decent performance of an orchestral Beatles song, whilst resting their behind in comfy seats and enjoying the music.

With the help of our amazing keyboard player (henceforth known as “Billy from Preston”) we are able to reproduce songs from the later Beatles catalogue that sound just like the records. From strings, to horns, harpsichord and waves crashing against the seashore, Billy can do it all and he also shakes a mean tambourine.

From the mop top era, to Shea Stadium to Sgt Pepper to Let It Be, audiences can experience the whole of The Beatles’ career in one evening’s entertainment.
We hope you can make it to one of our theatre shows soon as in the words of Mr Kite, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Until then, have a great 2015!


*Note: John actually wrote this at the beginning of January, but George only just got around to posting it. This is due to George having no idea how to use a computer from the future…